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A Message From Bishop McClory

Dear Michigan City Parishioners,

Last year I commissioned a steering committee to work with the clergy and lay leaders from the four Catholic parishes in Michigan City to assess the current landscape and develop a recommendation for the future. Each parish has unique strengths with strongly committed parishioners and clergy.

Analysis of data revealed a multi-year downward trend in key metrics such as Mass attendance, parish registrations, participation in the sacraments and a decrease in active ministries. The group considered and evaluated several parish models, leading to a recommendation to unify the Michigan City Catholic Community. The steering committee determined that a shared vision is necessary to best support the spiritual needs of our faithful and maximize collective talents and resources. This led to a recommendation, which I received in mid-December, which spoke to unifying the Michigan City Catholic Community and reducing the number of parishes to a single parish with two additional worship sites.

After prayerful reflection and consultation, I am accepting the recommendation to transition to a one parish model that will provide for the spiritual, sacramental and pastoral needs of Catholics in the Michigan City area. The newly formed parish will include two additional worship sites. The main worship site for this newly consolidated parish will be Queen of All Saints Catholic Church. I envision complete implementation of this transition to take place over the next few years, occurring in phases. An outline of this process is attached.

I recognize this announcement will affect people differently. Some will experience feelings of loss and possibly, anger. Other people may see this model as a new beginning, creating opportunities for growth and vitality for the Catholic presence in Michigan City. Your early and intentional engagement will be key to the success of this process, ensuring that all voices are heard, and desired results are achieved.

Please know that I am committed to supporting you in this process. We are all seeking the Lord's guidance, wisdom, and strength so that the Catholic Church in Michigan City will always be a vibrant, caring, and disciple-driven community. Vou can be confident of my abiding prayers for all the members of the parishes in Michigan City during this time of transition.

Asking God's blessings upon you, I am Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Robert J. McClory

Bishop of Gary



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