A Message From Fr. Kevin - 2020-5-10

A weekly message from you Pastor, Fr. Kevin Huber.

A Message From Fr. Kevin

Dear Friends in the Lord,

On April 12, 2020 and on April 26, 2020, you have been able to view the celebration of Mass at St. Mary Immaculate Conception Church from the comfort of your home with Facebook Live. Celebrating Mass in this format has been a bit of a challenge as I preach into the camera of an Android phone. In any case, you have expressed very clearly your gratitude for the opportunity to view Mass from St. Mary while you remain in quarantine.

If you want to know the level of popularity this event has, I will offer the statistics. On Sunday, April 12, 2020, which was Easter Sunday, 688 people viewed the Mass and 52 people left comments. The Mass on April 26th was viewed by 253 people and 24 people offered comments. Judging from those metrics, celebrating Mass in this manner is a helpful way for you to participate in Mass, an effective strategy for outreach, and viewers like it.

Celebrating Mass at St. Mary Church and posting the liturgy on Facebook is not a solo effort. I am grateful for Mary Ann Richards and Sarah Quartuccio who have the technology experts behind this effort, preparing the sound system and making sure that all the components are working. Most important, they are present at Mass with Mary Ann’s camera to capture the celebration. I am thankful to our musicians Diane Combs and Anthony Holt for playing the piano and to the cantors who have moved beyond their limits of comfort to lead us in song. Of course, our seminarians, William O’Donnell and Alex Kouris, have played key roles, serving at the altar and proclaiming the Word. Finally, Deacon Mike has provided faithful assistance at the altar and ambo, as well. As you can see, we are working with a skilled but skeleton crew to produce this celebration.

Knowing how much you love St. Mary, I will continue to present the celebration of the Mass at St. Mary Church on Facebook Live, beginning next Sunday, May 3rd, until Bishop McClory tells us churches can re-open for public worship. Mass will begin promptly at 9:00 AM. Please spread the word to anyone you know who may enjoy these celebrations. I hope you find these celebrations spiritually uplifting and emotionally inspiring at a time when we need to anchor ourselves in our faith and our love of the Lord. I am thankful for the continued help of our members to keep this effort in play. You may want to thank them, too.

Please be sure that I continue to pray for the intentions you offered to the care callers and the concerns that are on your heart. I look forward to seeing you again. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me, if you have spiritual or pastoral needs that require attention. May God bless you and those whom you love.

Faithfully yours in the risen Lord,

Fr. Kevin Huber